Premium Ulta Low Temperature -86°C Freezer

Introducing a state of the art ULT freezer uniquely sized as a tabletop, to store samples safely and reliably right next to your work station.

The tabletop is ideal as a personal freezer, and with it's small footprint it doesn't take up unnecessary space in Laboratory where floor space can be limited. It can store up to 37L which amounts to 33x ''2 cryboxes or 3.300 2.ml vials. The new unit is also equipped with our brand new best in class ULT door handle. The handle secures an extra tight closure, which ensures a safe and reliable storage of your samples. The door handle is also ergonomic and tested for comfortability, and you will have no issue opening and closing the appliance many times through a days work.


Best in Class door handle
Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP)
Variable Speed Compressor
Energy Effecient
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