VLS 064 RF

W.H.O. Approved PQS Code E003/070

No pollution · No harm on the ozone layer · No contribution to global warming

New integrated ice bank technology with increased storage capacity provides selfcontrolling and reliable temperatures in the area of +2°C to +8°C within a large ambient temperature area of +5°C to +43°C. 
Solar panels are connected directly to the appliances. Hydrocarbon DC compressor, cyclopentane blown enhanced insulation foam. No harm to the ozone layer and global warming, as well as no additional running costs.

  • Gross volume, litres(cu. ft.)113 (4)
  • Temperature range, C°2+ to +8
  • Energy consumption per 24h, kWh4.23
  • RefrigerantR134a
  • Icepack freezing capacity, kg/24 hrs.3
  • Height w. castors, mm (inches) 850 (33.5)
  • Width, mm (inches) 920 (36.2)
  • Depth, mm (inches) 700 (27.6)
  • Gross weight, kg (lbs) 108 (238.1)
  • Net weight, kg (lbs) 99 (218.3)
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