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Complexity made simple
Efficient performance with Adaptive Cooling Technology™
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Complexity made simple


With the introduction of a new controller in our i-Care series, we have made it much easier to access the
information you need.The 5 inch touch screen display is simple to navigate with intuitive icons and the ability to customize settings to fit your specific needs. Don’t have the time or need for customizing? No problem! When you power up your cabinet the first time, you will be guided through an installation process where you can choose profile settings for medicine stored chilled or at room temperature. Through the installation process you will select language, device name, service code, and recommendations for use & installation – A simple way to make sure that you are properly set to use the appliance.

Efficient performance with Adaptive Cooling Technology™


Most brands produce their cooling devices with a conventional compressor, which either runs at 100% or
0%. Not an efficient solution. At Vestfrost we have introduced Adaptive Cooling Technology™, which has
significant advantage on several key areas:
Lower noise, less energy consumption, faster cooldown after open door, and an overall better temperature
performance. This means that your content is stored in reliable & safe conditions – always.

Info center


Information and documentation are key when storing sensible biomedical content, be it medicine, DNA,
RNA or other biological samples. We are aware of this need and have developed a controller which gives
you easy access to a multitude of data like live graphs, temperature readings from different spots inside the
cabinet, event list and much more - By monitoring and making the data readily available to you, we make
sure that you always have the information you need about your inventory.

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i-CARE series

For more details about the i-Care series, please see our website!