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Wine Solutions is state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment designed for exclusive and reliable storage of wines for professional and commercial use.

Vestfrost Solutions has more than 25 years of experience with producing professional wine coolers. When we started out with designing and producing our wine coolers, the customers were gourmet restaurants, wine sellers, and collectors which all shared the same high standard regarding the storage conditions of the wine.

In recent years, the number of passionate wine enthusiasts has grown steadily and with it the interest for the correct storage and serving conditions. As a result, our professional-grade wine coolers have become a part of many people's homes where they not only serve as a means of storage for wine collections but also act as an integral part of the home' design.


Optimum conditions

Wine Solutions are designed to preserve quality of wines by providing optimum storage conditions in a hygienic layout. With their wide range of applications, these refrigerators are a perfect match for professionals.

Durable and energy-efficient

Vestfrost Wine Solutions are functional and energy efficient refrigerators, which are featuring great design and endurance to handle constant usage while still maintaining the right temperature.



Wine refrigerators with multizone can be set to a bottom and a top temperature. The temperature range goes from +5 ° C to +22 ° C. The wine refrigerator is not divided and therefore the two temperature settings will mix in the middle of the cabinet and give an extra third zone. Multizone cabinets can accommodate wines with different temperature requirements and at the same time provide ready-to-serve wine in the top and / or bottom of the cabinet.



Storing different wines at the correct temperature

Explore the image below and discover how a multizone refrigerator is optimal for the wine collector with a wide range of taste


A single temperature zone is used when you have types of wine, which need the same climate (+/- 2 to 3 ˚C). Heat rises to the weather, and therefore it may be possible to set the bottom of the cabinet to 10-11˚C and expect that in the top of the cabinet will be 12-13˚C. Feel free to use a shelf thermometer to monitor the temperature. Ideal for storage and storage / maturation. WFG 22, which can be set from 5-20˚C, and WFG 18, which can set from 5-18˚C will last due to the smaller volume a completely uniform temperature throughout the cabinet.



Two temperature zones are also called Dualzone and means that the wine refrigerator is divided into two sections separated via a room divider. Two zones are predominantly found in smaller cabinets. The cabinets can be used as combined storage and serving cabinets.

Enjoy your wine at the perfect temperature

The wine enthusiast knows that red wines and white wines only releases their full aromas and taste at the right temperature. Generally, white wine is best enjoyed at cooled temperatures while red wine should be enjoyed at temperatures between 14° to 18°C. Our Wine coolers are engineered with the enthusiast in mind and allow you to set up multiple temperatures zones in your fridge enabling you to store your wines at their optimal temperature.

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