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ULT Undercounter

VTS 098

VTS 098

Premium Ultra Low Temperature -86° Freezer

With a compact design, this undercounter fits perfectly beneath your work bench, providing a storage solution that is ideal for places where space is limited.

Featuring the ETR-System™ (Extended Temperature Range) the unit can operate within -20°C to -86°C, giving you flexibility to adjust the cooling to your specific needs, or to save energy reducing both operation costs & carbon emission. Our biomedical appliances offer a reliable solution for users seeking industry leading cooling performance and high operation stability.

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Dimension 825x595x645 HxWxD mm
Dimension inner 630x435x428 HxWxD mm
Weight 87 / 61 gross/net
Package weight N/A kg
Material inner cabinet Stainless steel Kg. gross/net
Material outer cabinet Painted steel Kg. gross/net
Insulation type Polyurethane with cyclopentane
Insulation thickness 80 mm
Mobility Feet

Volume 92 / 92 Gross/net
Cryoboxes "2 63
2 ml vials 6300

LED light
Battery backup
Dry contact
Door reversibility
Vacuum valve
VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel)

High / Low temperature
Open door
Power failure
Probe failure

Voltage 220-240 V
Frequence 50 Hz
Max ambient 30 °C
Max Humidity 65 %
Test condition 20 °C

Temperature range -20 to -86 °C
Uniformity in performance 1,7 / -2,6 °C
Pull down time (from test condition to factory setpoint) 168 Minutes
Hold over time (from factory SP to critical point) 102 Minutes
Noise 57 dB
Energy 24 hours 6,5 kWh/24h
Instant Power Consumption PD 0,75-0,4 / Stable 0,33 kW
Heat Rejection 393 W
U-Value 0,18 W/m^2k

Refrigerant/amount Nature R / 109g Type & gram
Number of compressors 1
Variable speed compressor
Internal air distribution (Type) Static
Evaporator fan
Condensor fan
Number of probes 1

Controller Dixell
USB Connection Yes
Data connection MODBUS
Controller abilities Logging of data & alarms
Controller languages Digits
Log numbers 35000
Temperature graph in controller

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