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Cold Chain Equipment for vaccines
Vestfrost Cold Chain vaccine storage Solutions are reliable and self-regulating refrigerators and freezers specially designed for tropical use and are all +43°C hot zone approved.

Solar Direct Driven

Our Solar Direct Driven units are designed for use in areas with unstable electricity and therefore the need for alternate power source. The powerful 4 x 90W solar panel kit combined with our integrated ice bank ensures safe storage of vaccines.

WHO PQS approved

All our Vaccine units are approved according to the strict WHO PQS (Performance, Quality and Safety) standards for storage of vaccines. Vestfrost Solutions offers astonishing 23 units all E003 WHO approved. With our wide net capacity volumes from 19.5 to 170 litres we have a unit for any location.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Vestfrost Solutions products are high-end products with low Total Cost of Ownership. Our units are developed for use in remote areas in challenging conditions, with this in mind, our units still perform outstanding with accurate and reliable operation.

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Safe storage of COVID-19 Vaccine

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Phase-3 trials for a COVID-19 vaccine is ongoing, and chances are that a vaccine hopefully will be ready by the end of the year.
It is likely that the storage temperature for the vaccine against coronavirus, will fall into one of 3 categories;


Reliable Cold Chain 
Equipment for vaccines

Vestfrost Solutions offers a wide variety of WHO PQS approved Cold Chain Equipment (CCE); from solar powered units, to mains powered icelined refrigerators, to icepack freezers.

Storing capacity

Every fridge and freezer model we produce have an optimized footprint; this means maximum, safe storage capacity for vaccines or icepacks.

Refrigerated vaccines, or frozen icepacks

Our cold chain storage products comprise of solutions for storing vaccines in PQS grade A freeze protection refrigerators or our efficient freezers for icepack freezing.

Long lasting products, at low Total Cost of Owners

Our products are developed to last long, at a low cost. This means the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the among the lowest on the market; high-end products at affordable TCO!

Solutions for various areas

Vestfrost Solutions products are suitable for many industries and different regions, which means we can provide solutions whether it is for pharmacies in Asia, health centers in Africa, rural clinics in South America, or hospitals in Europe. We have it all!

High quality

All our CCE units are developed, tested, and approved per the strict standards of WHO PQS. This is a stamp of approval, and ensures continuously high quality to keep our product in line – and in front – of WHO PQS standards.

Storage of vaccines

We know the importance of ensuring correct cold chain vaccine storage. Whether it is medical storage, health centers, health clinics or even the last health post – vaccines must be stored in safe and optimal conditions for full potency.

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