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Benefits Worth Considering

Clear-cut benefits worth considering


A few reasons why you should choose products by Vestfrost Solutions.  


Low energy products = Low operating costs

Opposite to other electrical equipment, refrigerators and freezer are always in use and never unplugged. This makes energy efficiency that much more essential – especially when considering global focus on sustainability and rising electricity rates.

Vestfrost Solutions’ eco-friendly and energy efficient product portfolio have limited impact on the environment. Furthermore, our customers will benefit from low operating costs compared to market standards.


Long product lifetime = Better long-term investment

We have several stories from satisfied customers pleased with their 15-20 year old Vestfrost Solutions products, which are still going strong. A refrigerator or freezer made by us is not just quality equipment, it is an investment for years!

A longer product lifetime gives you not only better value for money - the environmental impact is further significantly reduced due to lesser need of disposal of goods.

With our low-energy VLS products in mind, Vestfrost Solutions offer a unique, long lasting product range for the future!


Quality tested = Ready for professionals

It’s the small things that determine great quality. Did you know that all our hinges are tested to open and close 400,000 times? Or the fact, that our products undergo climatic testing in high-tech facilities to be able to perform consistently in all regions of the world? Just a few examples of how we work to deliver the best products for our customers.    Vestfrost Solutions are ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified giving you full assurance that our products are produced consistently in highest quality and with respect to our employees and the environment.


Mobile equipment = Easy to move

The market is crowded with large and heavy refrigeration and freezing equipment – difficult to handle. Consider all handling stages during product lifetime: from delivery of the refrigerator/freezer, ensuing placement, future relocations, and ultimately, product disposal.

Avoid the difficulties of immovable equipment. Our product range features easy-to-handle refrigerators and freezers with a combination of small footprint and large storage capacity. These solutions are particularly ideal for floor space constrained businesses in need of maximizing floor space.


Ready to plug-in = Better usability

We believe that customers dislike overly advanced equipment with difficult installation and time-consuming maintenance. Essentially, customers just want their refrigerator or freezer to do the job.

Vestfrost Solutions’ products feature great usability and require limited or zero installation, ready to plug-in when delivered! The reliable and user-friendly solutions give you the freedom to focus on your core business. Just the way it should be.