2012 Vestfrost Falkevej2
Vaccine - Grade A freeze protection

Vestfrost Solutions now with “W.H.O. Grade A freeze protection” on our VLS-series.

The Grade A classification is for products where the vital vaccines can be stored without ANY risk of freezing – regardless of how the vaccine is stored in the compartment. If vaccines freeze they may lose, if not all, then very much of their potency which makes the vaccines useless. The consequences of damaged vaccines in remote areas is critical, and in worst case scenarios could be fatal.

Our 4 models VLS Solar Direct Driven Refrigerators, 2 models VLS Solar Direct Driven Combined as well as a new range consisting of 5 models VLS A Icelined Refrigerators are now Grade A approved according to latest WHO standards

Products which are all Grade A approved:

-          VLS 024 Solar Direct Driven

-          VLS 054 Solar Direct Driven

-          VLS 094 Solar Direct Driven

-          VLS 154 Solar Direct Driven

-          VLS 026 RF Solar Direct Driven

-          VLS 056 RF Solar Direct Driven

-          VLS 200A Icelined Refrigerator

-          VLS 300A Icelined Refrigerator

-          VLS 350A Icelined Refrigerator

-          VLS 400A Icelined Refrigerator

-          VLS 064A RF AC