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The word “solution” is widely defined as the method, process or act of solving a problem. When we say that we offer solutions, we mean it by its purest definition.

Vestfrost Solutions work closely with customers to uncover needs and create the best solutions based on individual requirements. Our solutions may be achieved by adapting a refrigerator or freezer from our existing portfolio, or through development of a completely new product.


Our approach

Vestfrost Solutions approach new challenges as a cross-functional unit, where R&D, supply chain, production and sales will unite to fulfill our customers’ requirements.

The synergistic method of creating solutions across the entire value chain is your guarantee of a professional business partner with knowhow of specific business needs and attention to every detail.



With half a century of experience in the refrigeration and freezing industry, we know how to ask our customers the right questions; the corner stone of finding the right solution.

Building long and trustworthy relationships with customers is a key component in gaining insight to individual needs. We aspire to be regarded as a trustworthy and informative partner with quick follow-up on queries.


Quick and flexible

Vestfrost Solutions utilizes competitive state-of-the art production facilities in Denmark and Hungary to gain flexibility and control of each process. Combined with a strong dedication to create solutions for business segments has made us quick to react to customer needs.

From initial idea to finished solution, we work to give you the freedom to focus on your core business. Just the way it should be.