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We strive to be a rolemodel
in the climate debate

Our sustainability journey

Vestfrost Solutions Sustainability Journey


In Vestfrost solutions we have a clear sustainability agenda. In fact, we have sustainability as one of 7 key strategic levers to become the company we want to be in the future.

Our sustainability journey ensures a strong commitment to supporting the most ambitious aims of the Paris agreement with two clear goals.

Goal 1

Become net carbon neutral in all our locations latest by 2030

Our levers to ensure this goal includes:

  • Energy savings across our sites and operations
  • Purchasing green energy
  • Carbon offset (for the potential last part where there is no green solution)

Goal 2

Reducing carbon emissions in our product life cycle with 15% by 2030

Our Levers to ensure this goal includes:

  • Reducing carbon emissions for materials used. This includes considerations on how to reduce materials needed, choice of materials and focus on recycled materials.
  • Usage of products sold, with a dedicated effort to develop and sell low energy appliances.
Recent commitments on our Sustainability Journey includes:
  • Committing to Science Based Targets. Commitment to set validated targets to support the most ambitious aims of the Paris agreement.
  • Becoming a sustainability partner with local municipalities. As an official climate partner, we support the sustainability journey in our local community, and we commit to report progress yearly to authorities.


We invite our customers, suppliers and other partners to join us in pursuit of accelerating the journey towards carbon neutrality.


On the path towards net zero impact




To achieve #NetZero, we need to work closely together to set science-based commitments, share knowledge and pilot innovative solutions that will benefit the entire industry.

We are very inspired by The HEINEKEN Company ambition to be Net Zero in full value chain by 2040.

We are proud to join HEINEKEN in this journey and commit to the 1.5°Cbusiness ambition of @sciencetargetsinitiative. Let’s #KeepItCool as#StrategicPartners

Carbon Neutrality – and how to get there

We are dedicated to ensure carbon neutrality at our locations latest by 2030 and better before.
This means we want to be able to produce all our products at locations leveing no net carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency

By 2030 we aim to save 200 mt CO2 by reducing the energy consumption in our processes (Scope 1 + 2)

Green energy transition

We focus on securing green energy for our sites, and by 2030 we will be net C02 neutral in our locations (scope 2)

Carbon offset

Carbon offset: While completing the transition to green energy we will push for results by carbon offsetting parts of our Co2 emissions through high quality certificates.

"We constantly focus on increasing energy

efficiency of our appliances"

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