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Combined Solar Direct Driven vaccine refrigerator and icepack freezer
WHO Approved PQS Code E003/091




Combined Solar Direct Driven vaccine refrigerator and icepack freezer

Built-in heating element ensuring that the appliance can maintain stable +2°to +8°C in all ambient temperatures, setting a new industry standard beyond the PQS requirement. The included solar panel kit of 4 x 180W, is connected plug & play, directly to the appliance. The VLS has an integrated safety thermostat, and junction box to safeguard and provide easy access to electrical components. The appliance comes with industrial locking mechanism, adjustable legs and storage baskets. All VLS SDD RF models have been tested and PQS approved according to the newest performance standards

Our fully integrated remote equipment monitoring system (EMS) can be added as an option for this model.

The product is developed to create little to no pollution when in operation.

The product does not use harmful chemicals or release any harmful gasses into the ozone.

The product is designed to not contribute to global warming but instead have a positive impact on global environment.

This product has been PQS approved by the WHO to ensure Performance, Quality and Safety.

User-independent freeze protection. The user does not need to perform any actions to protect vaccines from freezing temperatures.

The product utilizes smart technology to lessen the energy input without compromising quality.

The product is fully operational once plugged into a power source. Set up is limited.
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Item name VLS 026 RF SDD
Type of appliance Combined Solar Direct Driven vaccine refrigerator and icepack freezer
Type SDD
Grade A
Units WHO PQS listed Yes
PQS code E003/091

Voltage 10-45 DC
Ambient temperature +43°C
Climate class Tropical

Autonomy (SDD) 73,22 h

Refrigerant/amount R600a / 0,065 kg - R290 / 0,010 kg

Volume 35 L / 20 L - Gross/net
Waterpack freezing capacity 1,8 kg/24 h
Waterpack storage capacity 29 x 0,6 L
No. Of top baskets 1 pcs.

Height 1140 mm
Width 1170 mm
Depth 690 mm
Weight net 110 kg
Weight gross (incl. Packaging) 141 kg

Lock Yes
Datalogger 30 day electronic temperature logger
Legs 10 cm adjustable
Junction box Yes
Safety thermostat Yes
EMS Optional

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