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Exclusive Wine Cabinet

W 185

W 185

Exclusive wine cabinet with storage room for 191 bottles. The cabinet contains adjustable wooden shelves plus an integrated shelf at the bottom. Made for long-term storage or bringing wine to serving temperature. The temperatures can be set as required between 5°C and 22°C. Full LED lines are built into the cabinet doorframe to provide maximum exposure. A stunning wine cabinet with transparent glass door that makes an elegant addition to any environment.

Wine refrigerators with multizone can be set to a bottom and a top temperature. The temperature range goes from 5°C to 22°C. The wine refrigerator is not divided, and therefore the two temperature settings will be mixed in the middle of the cabinet and give an extra third zone. Multizone cabinets can accommodate wines with different temperature requirements and at the same time ensure ready-to-serve wine in the top and / or bottom of the cabinet.

With electronic temperature control, you can be sure the temperature you set on your wine refrigerator is constant. You can read the temperature on it digital display

There can be several reasons for choosing one wine refrigerator with a built-in heater. - If you need to keep the temperature stable in cool space, it is necessary that you look for this feature. As a starting point, wine refrigerators with heater stand in an environment all the way down to 10 degrees. - A heater helps to stabilize the temperature. Subject to room temperature, the heater allows a temperature difference of up to 17 degrees between bottom and top in the wine refrigerators. And the large cabinets that have a built-in heater can go all the way up to 22 degrees and down to 5 degrees. Even if the location is in a room down to 10 degrees. If the temperature becomes lower than the level set by the cabinet is set on, the heater is activated and ensures that the correct temperature is maintained.

This means that if an error occurs in the cooling system and the temperature comes down to 2 degrees, beats the frost guard to, and ensures that the temperature goes up to 6 degrees.

All Vestfrost wine refrigerators use vibration-damped compressors for cooling. The compressor can maintain a constant temperature in the wine refrigerator and is vibration damped to prevent swirling sediment in your wine. A vibration damping compressor makes less noise and gives fewer vibrations.

Most wine refrigerators have an activated carbon filter, which cleans the air and minimizes the risk of contamination air in the wine refrigerator. The filter binds contaminants to itself in the activated carbon and lets only clean air pass. In the advanced wine refrigerators with recirculating air-cooling system, circulating fans the clean air throughout the zone where the air is cooled via compressor technology. Together, it ensures a correct temperature.

The wine refrigerator does not need to be disconnected to defrost. This is done instead by an automatic defrost system. The melt water is led to the back of the wine refrigerator, where it evaporates.

An automatic warning system is activated if the temperature in the wine refrigerator changes in relation to the selected temperature setting and / or if the door is open more than 2 minutes. The system acts as an extra security.

Possibility to lock the wine refrigerator / bottle refrigerator, if there is a risk to uninvited guests.
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Capacity Wine bottles 197 no.
No. of shelves 4 + 1 + 1 no.
Shelf load 85 kg.
Shelf dimension 523 x 440, 523 x 360, 523 x 230 mm
Shelf material Wood - Oak

Dimension 1850 x 595 x 595 HxWxD mm
Volume 414 L Gross/net
Weight 83,6 / 82 kg Gross/net

Refrigerant/amount R600a
Temperature class SN-ST-N
Energy 0,479 kWh/24
Noise 39 dB
Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Temperature range +5 to +22 °C
Energy class G

Light inside top
Light inside door side(s)
Electronic display

Carton weight 0 kg
Eps weight 1,2 kg
Wood weight 0 kg
Plastic weight 0,4 kg
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