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MFG 185

MFG 185

Exclusive Black-Glass display cooler to complete your beverage presentation and attract more focus. MFG 185 offers storage capacity for 224 pcs 0.5 L bottles and operates at temperature range between +2°C to +10°C.

The display cooler matches perfectly in a side-by-side setup with the wine cabinet WFG 185. A joining kit is available for easy installlation.

With electronic temperature control, you can be sure the temperature you set on your wine refrigerator is constant. You can read the temperature on it digital display

Most wine refrigerators have an activated carbon filter, which cleans the air and minimizes the risk of contamination air in the wine refrigerator. The filter binds contaminants to itself in the activated carbon and lets only clean air pass. In the advanced wine refrigerators with recirculating air-cooling system, circulating fans the clean air throughout the zone where the air is cooled via compressor technology. Together, it ensures a correct temperature.

The wine refrigerator does not need to be disconnected to defrost. This is done instead by an automatic defrost system. The melt water is led to the back of the wine refrigerator, where it evaporates.

An automatic warning system is activated if the temperature in the wine refrigerator changes in relation to the selected temperature setting and / or if the door is open more than 2 minutes. The system acts as an extra security.

Possibility to lock the wine refrigerator / bottle refrigerator, if there is a risk to uninvited guests.

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Packaging dimensions1925x636x671
Weight88 / 86
Volume344 / 285

Defrost tray
No. of baskets6 no.
Lid color/typeGlass
Light inside lid
Cabinet colorBlack
Inside color/materialBlack
Electronic display

Refrigerant / amountR600a / 60g
Temperature class3K4
Energy1,68 kWh/24h
Noise45 dB
Noise classN/A dB
Voltage220-240 V
Frequenze50 Hz
Temperature range+2 to +10 °C
Energy classD

Carton weight0 kg
Eps weight1,2 kg
Wood weight0 kg
Plastic weight0,4 kg
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