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Information for Distributors:

Contains documents relevant for our distributors


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Guide to convert controller data from USB to Excel

Products - Refrigerant Type & Quantities

Stacking kit Guide

IQ & OQ - Refrigerator

IQ & OQ - Freezer




Catalog and Flyers:

Contains our General Biomedical catalog as well as other relevant promotional flyers & material.


Catalog 2019

Pharmacy Flyer - How To Advance Patient Safety

Laboratory Flyer

ULTF-37 Flyer

Breast milk Storage Flyer


Below you will find our latest Material Safety Data Sheet for all of our Biomedical refrigerants.


Nature R

Nature R-2




Temperature Graphs

Please find the individual temperature graphs on our products below.



VT 78

VT 208

VT 308

VT 408

VTS 098

VTS 258



VT 147

VT 307

VT 407

VT 547

VTS 256



VT 146

VT 546

VTS 254



VTS 252


+2 to 8°C

AKS 157

AKS 337

AKS 397

AKS 427

Our customers Testimonials: 

Contains our official testimonials.

Sydvestjysk Sygehus, Danish Hospital